TELDERMAN is seen as a musical phenomenon without limits. He knows how to fuse influences from jazz, classical and pop into a completely individual style. This can be heard on his worldwide acclaimed debut album Contours, which was released in 2015. The pianist engages with top musicians such as Thomas Strønen, Petros Klampanis, Nik Bärtsch and Tuur Florizoone. He challenges both musicians and listeners to open up, to inspire each other and their surroundings. Not open-ended, but freehearted. 

TELDERMAN is praised for his beautiful melody lines and his virtuoso, organic piano playing. With violinist Adam Bałdych and cellist Vincent Courtois he released the album 'Clouds' in September 2020 on the renowned German label ACT Music.


Adam Bałdych (PL) - violin
Vincent Courtois (FR) - cello
Rogier Telderman - piano

Album release 25th September 2020
'Clouds' - ACT Music


Rogier Telderman - piano / compositions
Guus Bakker - double bass
Tuur Moens - drums / percussion

released works
Contours (2015)

Telderman is one of Europe's major new jazz musicians. He is able to blend together influences from jazz, classical, and pop in a completely original way, thus creating a unique personal style. Telderman is particularly well known for his beautiful melody lines and the emotional depth of his music. Moreover, his playing is warm, lyrical and technically sublime.”

North Sea Jazz

TELDERMAN interplay

"The mind is like a parachute, it only works when it's open" - a famous quote by Frank Zappa. The same holds for inspiration, human interaction and musical innovation.

Keeping an open mind to music, TELDERMAN invites artists to slightly push them out of their comfort zone and connect on stage through their shared universal language: music.

Petros Klampanis (2020), Tuur Florizoone (2019), Thomas Strønen (2018)


TELDERMAN man vs machine

With warm melodies and cinematic lyricism full of classical nuances, TELDERMAN broadens the boundaries of the acoustic piano. With man vs machine, he collaborates with Yamaha, who gave him access to their newest disklavier grand piano, and the musical innovators of Ableton. 

Rogier Telderman - piano, disklavier

TELDERMAN miniatures

A collection of fully improvised musical miniatures, each grasping a different mood or emotion. Shared in the most personal intimate and acoustic settings, the living room.

Rogier Telderman - piano solo