TELDERMAN interplay

"The mind is like a parachute, it only works when it's open" are true words spoken by Frank Zappa. TELDERMAN interplay focusses on finding new ways for human creativity. Keeping an open mind to music, TELDERMAN invites artists to slightly push them out of their comfort zone

TELDERMAN invites stellar artists to join on stage for a musical dialogue, collaborates on interdisciplinairy projects with audiovisual performers, or uses music within social  innovative projects .

Thomas & Jurgen / Graphic Matters, De Oogst van Morgen (2021), Petros Klampanis, Sanne Rambags (2020), Avans Wellbeing Economy, Tuur Florizoone (2019), Thomas Strønen, Teus Nobel (2018), Efe Erdem (2017), Nik Bärtsch (2016)


TELDERMAN man vs machine

With warm melodies and cinematic lyricism full of classical nuances, TELDERMAN broadens the boundaries of the acoustic piano. With man vs machine, he collaborates with Yamaha, who gave him access to their newest disklavier grand piano, and the musical innovators of Ableton.  

Rogier Telderman - piano, disklavier


Adam Bałdych (PL) - violin 
Vincent Courtois (FR) - cello 
Rogier Telderman - piano 

Album release 25th September 2020 
'Clouds' - ACT Music

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Baldych Courtois Telderman  Clouds (ACT Music, 2020)

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